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Star Wars Galaxy Mod for Reassembly

Pew Pew Pew!!! This has been about a month in the making, but I finally consider it ‘done’. You can get the ...
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Block Stacking 101

Over-Lappy Lappy If you’ve played Reassembly for a while, eventually you will have seen ships that stack overlapping parts. Some players ...
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Faction Guides:

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The Big Shot : Faction 4 Goodness

Domination. The best range. The most power. The best solar panels. Everyone thinks this faction is overpowered, it’s not so much ...
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Swarm Warfare : Be a Red Faction Ninja

These Guys Are Shit! Yes, they will fall apart with the quickness. Your ships will melt like butter verse even the ...
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Make a Station

All Our Base Belong to Us. Making a station is easy. Just build a ship and don’t put any thrusters on it. There ...
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resource overload

Resource Overload : Supporting the Farmers

Harvesting with Faction 2 Everyone in the galaxy picks on the farmers. They sit there with their slow-ass cargo ships just waiting ...
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Nuclear Fallout : Winning with the Sentinels

Kaboom! Easiest how-to ever, save your R and unlock Nukes. The end. But seriously, what do you do when everyone just makes ...
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Fun with the Bees

Sweet Sweet Honey : Tips for The Bees

Hive Mind, or Melee Monster? The default ships for the Bees are pretty sucky. The first time you encounter them in ...
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